"I decided a long time ago that I would not sell all the boats in the world, but I would sell the best quality at the lowest price I can."


Under The Old Shade Tree

In these times when a dollar has to go as far as it can.
We are all searching for the greatest savings that can be found for our purchases.
It is important to remember that When it comes to the care and service of your marine equipment the cheap way is not always the best way.

Marine engines and drives are very complicated and require a knowledge of expertise in order to address the issue in the right manner.
Remember, you are putting your family and friends in the water far from shore,and any problems occurring on the water leave you with one truth; escape is not just walking away.

If you had a boat in the 80's

If you have a boat built in the 80′s or early 90′s it has a wood superstructure covered with polyester resin, the wood is rotten and does not function to support the hull anymore. Under stress the resin will crack and give way resulting in sinking.

Ethanol Get on Board!

Dave's Marine and ethanol fuel.

I have looked for an article that could explain why your marine engine is having trouble performing the way it used to, I can?t find a good simple explanation, so I will be doing my own.

10% ethanol blended in fuel was mandated by Congress in late 2006 since then some states
have used their own judgment as to how much ethanol to allow.